Human Torch Nova flames vs Tigra causes Power Draw to activate

OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 526 ★★
Device and Version: iPhone 7

Device Operating System: 13.4.1

Mobile Carrier: AT&T

Cellular or WiFi: Both

Game Version Installed: 1025836 (27.1.0)

Game Mode: Uncollected Event Quest, 3.2

Champions Affected: Human Torch

Active Boosts: No boosts

Description of the Issue: Human Torch places incinerates on contact, which would activate the Power Draw node, making him basically suicide to play against her with that node since she'd hit s3 so quickly. On the other hand, by changing to Nova Form with his persistent charge, he places Nova Flames instead, which are passives, not debuffs. However, this is still causing Power Draw to activate, despite not placing any damaging debuffs on Tigra.

Screenshot or Video: Have not captured this round, and cannot re-acquire the charge to try again. Will collect on next path.


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