So You Want to Plan an MCOC Meet-Up!

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Greetings, Summoner!

We’re excited to have you reading this, because it means you are interested in hosting your own meet-up for your fellow Summoners, to spread the love of MCOC in the real world. Thank you for your passion and dedication to The Contest!

Below you will find information to make your life easier and help you create the most fun and successful meet-up possible! Consider this guide your ‘Events 101’ intro class! It will cover off:

1. Venue selection
2. Event promotion
3. During the event
4. After the event
5. Code of Conduct for events

Read on, because we are so amped up to see what you can create with all of this!
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    Event promotion

    If you build it, they will come! Buuuut…. You gotta tell them about it first, so they know to come. You’ve picked your date, you’ve confirmed with the venue, and you’re now ready to tell the world about the awesome meetup you’re organizing!

    General tips:

    1. Give people lots of notice! At least 2 weeks is often ideal

    2. Yell it from the rooftops! Post it in many places as you can:
    • In our official events promo section, right here!
    • Post about it on your own social channels that are publicly viewable: Twitter, Facebook (if you have a fanpage), your Instagram account, on Reddit, in the MCOC Discord
    • Consider reaching out to people in the MCOC community to help spread the word. Is there an MCOC podcast you listen to? Perhaps they would tell their listeners about your event! Is there a bot that you follow that posts news items? Perhaps the administrator of that would put out a blast! Do you know any Content Creators that post news items? Perhaps they would want to help spread the word!
    • Consider setting up a public Facebook event for people to RSVP to

    3. Post semi-frequently. Some Summoners may miss your first announcement, but see subsequent posts. Some Summoners may be immediately excited about your event, but forget once it gets closer to the date of your event. Don’t let them accidentally miss out!

    4. Be sure to use images in your announcements. We’ve created some handy files that you can use, <link> or you can get extra creative and make your own!

    Social Media Tips:

    You can view a list of sample social media posts <here>, if you’re not sure where to start on this!

    1. Be sure to use the hashtag #SummonerSociety so that Summoners and Kabam alike can see your posts!

    2. Use images whenever possible, to draw attention to your posts and create further hype. We’ve created some image templates that you can find <here>

    3. You can also create your own hashtag unique to your event, and have every Summoner that attends and shares photos on social media to use it. Be sure they use both! A good tip for hashtags is to make them as short as possible, and to make them super relevant. IE #SeattleMCOC or #ParisMCOCcrew along with #SummonerSociety

    4. Use a ‘link shortener’ whenever you need to link something, so that you can save space on text. is a great one! Bonus: if you create a Bitly account it will even tell you how many people have clicked on your link!

    5. Always make it incredibly easy for your fellow Summoners to find information about your event. Link to the places where you are promoting it. Include all necessary information. Don't make them do any legwork when trying to find out more about the awesome meet-up you're hosting!
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  • After The Event

    First - bask in the glory that was your meet-up! Hopefully you had a great time and you’re feeling energized after meeting your fellow Summoners and talking all things MCOC. Then:

    Post a thank-you to everyone that came!
    Share your photos and videos online - on your social channels, here in the Events Forum and to any other channels you used to promote the event. This will be a great way for those that attended to reminisce, and will serve as encouragement to others to attend future events! We want to be able to see all the fun everyone had!

  • Code of Conduct for Events

    This might not sound like the most exciting part of an event, but a code of conduct is integral to ensuring that everyone feels happy, safe, and has a great time! As someone organizing a meet-up, it’s up to you to set the best example for other Summoners, and be a guiding light when it comes to ideal behavior. Our suggestions for what to adopt are as follows:

    Event Code of Conduct

    1. Event organizers cannot engage in nor encourage racist, sexist, ableist, bigoted behavior - whether in online discussions or in content they create. This includes making any comment that could be perceived as reflecting political, racist, sexist, religious, prejudice towards sexual orientation or other bias.

    2. Event organizers must actively discourage such behavior both at their events, as well as in online discussions about their event.

    3. Event organizers should never engage in the of harassment of other players, or targeted harassment against other player groups online (this includes targeted harassment of Kabam employees, other Content Creators, or fellow players)

    4. Event organizers should actively discourage the harassment of others as well

    5. Event organizers cannot encourage or provide instructions for hacking, cheating or any other terms of service violations

    6. Event organizers cannot imply a formal working relationship or endorsement by Marvel or Kabam of their online content

    7. Event organizers must clearly state in promotional materials that the event they are running is a ‘fan run’ event
    Event organizers should not engage in or tacitly encourage illegal activities of any kind

    8. Event organizers cannot disparage any person, business, place or group including Marvel, it’s employees or its competitors. Note that this differs from constructive criticism - which IS welcome and encouraged. We want to foster thoughtful critical feedback that helps fellow players and Kabam.

    Event organizers must:

    1. Choose a location that is safe and welcoming

    2. Encourage a positive and all-inclusive environment

    3. Clearly state they have no formal affiliation with Marvel or Kabam

    4. Follow any and all laws related to their own geographical locations

    5. Provide full disclosure to their audiences if they ever receive information or rewards for their event directly from Kabam
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    Just FYI @Ad0ra_ , the <links> you have don’t send me anywhere (at least on the mobile site.)
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    Can you all do this in India cause we got some great MCOC players there including me who wish to participate in an official MCOC tournament.😄
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    If it happens in India, I will join and my colleagues who are playing the game since the beginning will also join.
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    It is a pity gifting badges were removed. Is there any other way to facilitate competition during the meet-up with IG gifts without actually spending cash?
  • I tried to do one during dungeons day and that failed, i would love to do one but with these events its who is hosting them which will make them success.
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    I would love to test my skills.. Please send me a link.I love this game!!
  • I opened 6 star cyclops last month. just opened a 5 star sabretooth from behind. the next 5 stars again I sent sabretooth mail to support. even half of us didn't even play opponents 5 and 6 star is the best characters and I wrote that they are competitors. A tale called me wrote that it was a coincidence. immediately after actim 5 star cyclops. then again 5 star cyclops. then 6 star cyclops. I'm sure the drop rate of the crystal drop is a lie. I'm sure there is a Turkish enemy in their managers.
  • 128 :)
  • Hello
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    I would like to plan a MCOC meet up
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    I would like to plan a MCOC meet up

    me too
  • On Tuesday march 2 Mcoc if you want we could meet if anybody is in
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