I've waited for this for so long... and I'm dissapointed

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As a F2P, it is not easy to to farm units. Last time the Vision offer popped up, I told myself: "you should get it". So I started saving. I only succumbed to temptation once (1,500 units poorer and a 5* Drax richer - I died a little), but never again. I saved and I saved, because I knew I needed to get 3k units for one Vision, and a second 3k for a dupe.

I was thinking to get the 5* tech awakening gem a few months ago and saving me some units, but I contemplated if Vision was worth it (I settled for a mutant because I pulled Namor some days before). But I was confident the offer would be exactly the same and if I worked hard enough, I could buy the 2nd Vision.

With July 4th approaching, I started to feel it: the offer is near. I saved 5.7k units and I even debated to lose my F2P virginity and buy units if the offer popped up. Today it happened. I didn't care about the 6* that first popped up - I knew I was never able to get that much units - so I went to the in-game mail and open it. There it was, the 5* Vision. Sadly no 4* nor 3* - I might not be able to get my collection complete - but 5* was the main price anyway. To my surprise, it is even half the price, so I didn't need to buy units. All my worries evaporated.

I checked the mail, I scrolled up and down, but unlike the 6* offer, there is no 2nd Vision. I realised it: I got Kabamed. I trusted Kabam to give the same offer as last year, but instead I'll probably need to wait for another year - or get miraculously a 5* tech awakening gem. I'm very disappointed. Kabam knows OG Vision is only half as good without his sig. It is the reason why they did a double offer last year, and this year with 6*. Yet, they denied it for the 5*.

For Uncollected players like me, OG Vision still holds some value, but I'm no Seatin or Lagacy which seems to have a tech awakening gems lying there. I've only had three so far, and the mutant one was the only one I could control. Important lesson learned: Kabam can change offers, even the recurrent ones, as much as they pleases.

It doesn't matter to me. I feel robbed.


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    You got Kabamed because you didn’t read? Sounds like that’s on you, not kabam

    I got Kabamed as I counted on Kabam to give the same double offer as last time - as they did with the 6* in the current offer.
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    HulkBuster is way better than vision, better damage and same power drain ability on sp2
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    I screamed the full F-word but I don't want my thread closed for profanity.
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    Rotelly said:

    HulkBuster is way better than vision, better damage and same power drain ability on sp2

    I don't have him as a 5*, and Hulkbuster doesn't have useful synergies with my R3 Vision Aarkus, maxed 4* CAIW and maxed 4* Void.
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    I fully agree with Prof Hoff. Disappointing offer.

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    it kind of defies logic to not offer the dupe for the same price. I probably would have gotten him too if the dupe was available
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    you mean 5* R3 dont you, just realized that LOL.

    Yes duped 5* R3 Vision Aarkus, sorry about the confusion. I also have maxed 4* Warlock and 5* R1 Warlock, so synergy-wise I have all I need. But I'm still gutted I can't unlock his full power. I know with Void & Aarkus, he is worth the rank-up. But now I'm doubting because I don't have access to his sig.
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