5 guys 10,000 + prestige looking for new alliance

We are 5 guys that are fed up with our alliance. Each of us take down all minis in map 6. We play some map 7 as well. We normally take down the boss in AW in one shot. Different now that we have played the new war but we were the tops in the last AW. Let me know if interested.


  • beve702beve702 Posts: 49
    Hello we are looking for map 6 players.
  • Matthew2387Matthew2387 Posts: 16
    How is your alliance?
  • Matthew2387Matthew2387 Posts: 16
    What is your in game name
  • beve702beve702 Posts: 49
    Line ID is Dethtl
    That's my officer. My in game be is beve~1
  • beve702beve702 Posts: 49
    We are a gold1 / plat 4
    Tier 4/5
    But need to fill some roster spots in AQ to do map 6 5x5 consistently
  • YEETguyYEETguy Posts: 107
    edited June 2020
    Look into joining UCgang. We need to get rid of a few guys. Borderline plat 3, map 6 by 5
  • ToxidyToxidy Posts: 10
    Hey you guys still look?
  • ToxidyToxidy Posts: 10
    Line ID: Ms.frost
  • XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    If you're still looking, have some spots in a Map 6, top 300 alliance.

    Line: xCrip
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 278
    edited June 2020
    Were looking to replace a number of people who have either retired, gone solo or just not putting in the same effort as the rest when AQ drops, we have boss killers but more are always welcome, we run map 5/5/5 gold 3 atm, there are 3 requirements and they're all posted on our alliance page let me know if your interested my line is BriceMiester
  • protectors11protectors11 Posts: 101
    If you guys are still looking let me know line id: protectors11
  • Jack__125Jack__125 Posts: 3
    We have a spot for you all in one of our BGs.
    Running map 6 across the board. 350m+ weekly score.
    More laid back in war, none to minimal item use, gold 1/2

    Line ID: Jack..125
  • Jrod_1020Jrod_1020 Posts: 60
    Hit me up on line to chat. 6x5 and tier 6 in war. Top 300 in aq

    Line id is .gerald1020
  • Blizzard28Blizzard28 Posts: 85
    U guys still looking?
    My line id.. Blizzard_28
  • SupasixSupasix Posts: 79
    Hey Matthew, qe run map6x5 with mods and run g1 war. We complete every aq and place between 300-400 in rank. We e are no stress and recruit adults cause no one likes micro management or babysitting. Supasix98 line id CABL0 alliance tag
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