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Crystal bundles

If someone buys the 425 crystal sample bundle there shouldn't be as many 2* in them it's so stupid that you buy a "special" crystal and you just waste your units on a stupid 2* this game is becoming a big joke the people running this game is ruining it


  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    Most people who been playing the game for a bit now know, never ever buy the crystals, unless it states it will give what your looking for and not just a chance at it.
  • TheMageHunterTheMageHunter Posts: 711 ★★
    Crystal bundles are worse than phcs
  • MyTaffyMyTaffy Posts: 144
    Usually in other mobile games I played, when you buy 10 or more, it should at least be guaranteed one 4* or so. But not this game.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,469 ★★★★
    If you are going to buy crystals, then buy the grandmaster ones. Best value per unit
  • IAmNotUrMomIAmNotUrMom Posts: 648 ★★★
    Boone388 wrote: »
    I don't buy them very often but when I do I get mad and say I'm never going to buy them again and then it comes across with a champ I really want and then I'm dumb enough to buy them again

    Next time you feel the urge to buy them please come to the forums first and ask any player in here to help you find the strength to "just say no."

    We've all been there before and it stinks.
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