2 open support tickets and ZERO responses

The game crashes are beyond ridiculous at this point. I get it, Kabam is having issues and they're working on them. Where is the customer support? I have 2 open tickets from July 22nd. The auto response states they will be addressed within 24 hours. I have yet to hear back. Game not working is one thing, horrible customer service is another.

This seriously better be the best compensation package ever. I'm in several alliances as I have 3 accounts. 2 of them are high performing alliances with several whales. They're all talking about quitting.


  • DarthPhalDarthPhal Posts: 1,064 ★★★★
    Lol like everybody in the game hasn’t submitted tickets this week. I’d guess they’re a little backed up right now.
  • The Support Team works to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but theymay be experiencing a higher than normal volume of tickets at the moment and looking into an issue may take some time as well. They will get back to you as soon as they can and as soon as they've had enough time to look into your issue.
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