Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.

Game update (v27.2.5) bugged

I've recently downloaded the new update (v27.2.5) from the Google play store. After launching the game it starts to download the files but the thing is that download never happens and time goes on increasing. Moreover I'm losing data for nothing over this issue. I'm not able to log in the game due to this as the download screen is there infinitely.
The previous update was running fine and it was only the current update which bought this issue. I've tried reinstalling the game but that didn't work either.

I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro with Android 10

Hope that you'll look into this issue.


  • _Rohit_1_Rohit_1 Posts: 41
    Same problem and my device is also mi note 8 pro. I am not able to download the obb. Because of this I am not able to take part in aq mad aw. Also I am not able to play arena. Kabam please fix this problem ASAP. We want compensation too.
  • Supasneed17Supasneed17 Posts: 10
    tech response from turning in a ticket on 8-1-2020:
    I understand that you are unable to access the game due to connection issues.

    Do not worry, our Game Team is already aware of the issue regarding connectivity issues after the 27.2.5 Android update and are working to fix it as soon as possible. And we will highly appreciate your patience and understanding while waiting for a fix.

    If you have any new concerns or questions, please contact us again. We would be happy to assist you. Have a good day!

    Best Regards
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