Can't sell my 4 star

I've been trying to sell one of my 4 stars,warlock, for the past few days and it's not letting me,I'm done with aw and aq so I don't understand why it's not letting me sell him


  • KeriParkerKeriParker Posts: 46
    well. dont sell him. He is warlock and even tho he was trash, he could help out with ISO and gold and 5 star shards. Never sell champions. Not even 1 stars. (you will need one stars for future content. variant 4 is one example)
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    I wanna sell him since I'm upgrading Spiderman star enhanced which is better and I don't got any iso and if I sell warlock I'll get a bunch of iso,gold and 5 star shards
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    He is bruh
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    Warlock hasn't been that helpful lately and why shouldn't I sell champions lol
  • _hbtygbty423__hbtygbty423_ Posts: 320 ★★
    Nah; Warlock IS WAY BETTER. Trust me, up till act 4 youll tink that, then ull realise what a sad mistake you made at act 5 and beyond. HE IS THE MAN!
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    Ugh I really prefer Spiderman
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    All warlock has is the second special attack
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 4,510 Guardian
    Are you sure you don’t have him still in some Story Quest, Monthly Quest, Boss Rush, etc ?
    Or maybe is in an “incomplete” Arena Team, like maybe doing arena game crashed and you never went back in to finish that Match ?

    Must be some reason why.
  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    Right now I'm in a quest since I need 2 more to finish act 4 but even if he's not in any quest it still won't let me sell him, I even tried selling other champions which aren't in a quest and it didn't let me sell them
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 4,510 Guardian
    Do you get this Msg Box (below), or is the SELL button not even on the initial Pop-Up List when you click on a 4* champ ??

    And wonder what happens if you had previously clicked the box “Never Show Warnings Again”, but then had pressed CANCEL afterwards ? Hopefully it doesn’t forever bypass someone’s ability to sell ever again by automatically applying the Cancel to what would have been the Pop-up in the future (basically thus never showing the box below again for that Star-tier of champ, while at same time NOT actually selling him) ??

  • dreamxgeorgeloldreamxgeorgelol Posts: 9
    Bro I did it because I love Spiderman even if it's gonna make act 5 harder for me I really don't care I'll figure it out,it's just a game and everyone's getting mad at that oml
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