Making everything OP and game is not gonna be fun for ordinary player

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I think i will make angry so many people but this is problem not only for this game. I am just gonna ask: Why are you making everything so much overpower? If you make it overpower in attack mode i dont care, i am not using it anyway because i am trying to enjoy game not 30 hits and 300K hp is over, but is it really need to make it overpower in defense as well? Who in the world is suppose to play against it everytime? Adding abilities like unblockable or abilities that deal damage by contact (like hb passive shock, domino dealing damage for nothing, longshot one buff on me and SP and i am melting), please tell me why? I know its great in attack but in def when you are playing against it its a such pain, i am not counting even nodes that you make and put champions which are ridiculously overpowered on that node (Like in act 6 -90% dmg until opponent is shocked and you put there nebula which converts shocks, or dealing -90% dmg until you are unstopable and put sorcerer supreme there (old sidequest), btw: i am not saying that nebula is overpower, but on that node its ridiculous). For example i was playing against HB in AW, he had 2,8k dmg, i had 35k hp venom, one time i make a block just because dex didnt work when he used sp1 and i get -30k out of nowhere and 3 seconds stun which was enough to kill me.. Just one mistake and i lost 35k hp for nothing. Another example one missparry or just block against hitted aegon when he has 6 fury and its over.I am not playing this game that i used to play because of other stuff in my life and abilities like this, where you need to try hard are killing my interest to play this game. I know that i will have comments under this that i am weak but i am not playing this game to be so pro and try harding every my fight, i am playing it for fun enjoying it , but that fun is gonna disapeared, that means sometimes i dont want to dex full unblockable SP like in doom fight but i need to because i want to play for example falcon but falcon doesnt have anything to stop doom being unblockable and i am not using only OP champion to deal with it. When you introduced Doom, my excitment from this game was lowering so much and then you introduce it in AQ and make it really boring. For my side of vision you are trying to make this game for skilled people, who play it to tryhard every fight and you are forgoting for those who playing just to enjoy his favourite hero. Sometimes try to think about nerfs, i know that this comunnity is so much greedy and want compasations for everything but only buffs and no nerfs are not the great way to achieve loayality or new players. By nerfs i mean all playable heroes not for example act 6.2.6 champion. How many times i seeing him in aw/aq/event quest/ arena etc.

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Little informations: I know that every hero has a counter but not everyone has that heroes, not everyone like their play style, not everyone ranking that hero etc.

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    Deleted comment.
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    It is supposed to be hard.
    You are supposed to know how a champion works.
    You should know what you are doing.
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    They make it so you have to force yourself to get better champs and higher rank up or spend money to do so just like every mobile game.

    They just have not been subtle about it lately
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    Get good.
    Dexing Doom SP1 isn't even hard. I mean, if you said Collector's SP was too OP, then most people will agree. But this post is basically just a long version of "I can't dex this SP, so it's bad for everyone"
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    I think you understand it , just a joke. I didnt found any commentary to this topic, only garbage comments, to get skill. Those were just examples, i understand how every champion in game work, i can dexterity those sp but i dont understand why champions needs to be OP in attack and also in defense. Or Why for one mistake i get one shoted even he has low dmg, only because op abilites? Why some champs are hard to beat in normal way because of their op abilities and then you put them on some nodes which makes them even more annoying to fight. Dont bring right champion and i can leave my sallary there. Where are times where unblockable specials no champ has it, where it was only on node. Or where only hero that deal dmg by struck was electro, now i need to bring right hero or i will get dmg from nothing against for example vision aarkus. My point is that game before was used to be like i make a mistake and get down 30% hp by 5 hits from non node hero, now i make mistake and 100% by 2 hits with a same dmg. Or if i didnt know how to fully dodge sp i could easily block it, now if you dont know how to dodge it, you are dead. Or before i get dmg back by attack was only by elektro, now its from havok, vision aarkus and so much more so i need to bring only one type of champ to prevent it. I am just saying my opinion that only buffs and making that heroes OP is not a good way to make game enjoyable for everyone. Since begging you are only repair some issues and making reworks to buff heroes but no nerf hero.

    E: only gonna answer to devs.
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    I rly don’t think mods will comment here, I hope they just close it
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    Gotszbot said:

    They make it so you have to force yourself to get better champs and higher rank up or spend money to do so just like every mobile game.

    They just have not been subtle about it lately

    That's incentive to progress. You're going to have to rank up champions to do harder content.
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    Well this was constructive.
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    You lost me at blocking HB's sp1.
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    can_i_do_it = false
    if can_i_do_it ==false:
    print ("things are too op plz nerf")

    just a cheeky joke

    but op, just because you can do it doesn't mean that it's op or too hard. that's the point of content that increases in difficultly. if you cant improve as it gets harder, then you shouldn't be able to do it. obviously, there is a limit to it, but I think we can safely agree that it hasn't reached that
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