AW locked champs

As we all know in AW your 8 champs are locked until you've reached the opponent's boss node after it's been beaten.

I would like to suggest that once your defenders are defeated by your opponent they become unlocked and available outside of war. I understand why attackers need to remain for the entirety. But once you have a defender die, it has no more use in war. The opponents has moved beyond that node and will not travel backwards. I say make those defenders available once they've been defeated.

Just a thought.


  • Interesting, but... First, there may be fights in some Ally's then for who gets to place their champs on earlier nodes.

    Also, imagine if you place your top quest teams also as early defender nodes, then get to bring them into that same war on Attack (or even AQ) for that same day (after maybe a couple hours of war attack starting and opponent starts to kill some early nodes).

    Also is why they still remain locked if you leave an ally, so you can’t suddenly get them back to do some ACT or Epic/UC quests with them.
  • Obsidiman_JonesObsidiman_Jones Posts: 136
    I will accept the validity of your points but I feel as though you've over thought this in a worst case scenario way.

    I didn't think to specify that my idea came from an honest game play place and not one of exploitation and cheating.

    Obviously there would have to be restrictions to not being able to use the same Champs for attackers and defenders. However I don't think any player who plays this seriously would be smart to place defenders early in hopes they get killed off so they can be used for AW attack. It's just not common sense. The same for using said defenders as AQ atrackers. There would be a lot of issues with timing and in higher level/map alliances, delays would not be tolerated.

    My thought was based on having my defenders locked and wanting to use some of my defenders to run the Northern Expeditions this past weekend. I figured out who my best champs were for each path but realized that I'd have to wait on some of them until AW ended.

    My ultimate point was that once defenders are beaten, they are kind of stuck in limbo. And since they ultimately serve no more purpose in AW, it'd be nice to have them for other content.

    Yes, I completely see the exploitation side of this idea although it wasn't an occurrence when I initially thought of it.
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