Alliance War Tier/Multiplier Question

Context: A few wars ago, my alliance was on Tier 6 (Multiplier x3.4). We got matched with an alliance which probably was on T7 and played on T7 map, but we received T7 rewards and multiplier.

Now, we're fighting for P4. We're on T5, but we got matched with an alliance which is probably on T6. Different in game screens, show us different numbers regarding our multiplier.

General Alliance War Tab: TIER 5 - Multiplier x4
War Room Tab: TIER 6 - Multiplier x4
War Rewards Screen: TIER 6 - Multiplier x3.4

So, 3 different tabs, 3 different combinations.

I've searched through the forums, saw several issues that were kinda same, but no official answer from KABAM. Can someone either from KABAM or not, give me a proper answer of what's going on?


  • MousiasMousias Posts: 39
    Ok, so this didn't get the attention I was looking for, so I'm gonna say this. We lost P4 by ~102k points.
    We got the x3.4 multiplier.
    x4 Multiplier would have granted us ~120k more points, so we would have ended up in P4.
  • SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 226 ★★
    If you fought a tier 5 war (with the tactics) you would receive the 4X multiplier.

    You must have been matched against a BG ranked lower than you, so you ended up in the tier 6 war. The tier you actually fight in is determined by the matchup... you’ll be in the tier of the lowest ranked opponent.
  • MousiasMousias Posts: 39
    That's so messed up. If it's true, then it's totally unfair, cause that basically threw us out of p4.

    But again, 3 tabs, 3 different combinations of TIER X-MULTIPLIER X. Why?
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