Nova Buff?

i just got a 6 star nova and leveled him up, what the hell is the point of him? Is he just a defender because on offense, he is really disappointing, like super disappointing. Hopefully they buff him because nova in the comics is a god and in the comic he's so so so so so offensively disappointing.


  • SaberSlaberSaberSlaber Posts: 6
    Mayis said:

    Kabam, you heard this, SaberSleber got 6 star Nova and wants him buffed. I give u 12 minutes

    yeah do it kabam. He needs a buff
  • PseudouberPseudouber Posts: 572 ★★★
    He does need a tweek. If just his Furys where more potent he could be good I think.
  • ThēMandalorianThēMandalorian Posts: 137 ★★
    He should have been like Guardian. That's the sad part.
  • Strikerrx8Strikerrx8 Posts: 1,086 ★★★
    They did nova wrong like sentry
  • SaberSlaberSaberSlaber Posts: 6

    He should have been like Guardian. That's the sad part.

    They did nova wrong like sentry

    seriously he should be so much better than he actually is
  • HenriqueSCCPHenriqueSCCP Posts: 229
    Nova is only a defender, even the energy damage in his medium attack is weak, I think Kabam will not adjust to be used in attack.
  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 841 ★★★
    He isn't terrible, he's just hard to use. If you can charge him up with a few dash attacks he goes unblockable and can smash. It's a bit like using annihilus... who is also not a fan favorite. Or like a vegan version of captain marvel movie.
  • BestReconBestRecon Posts: 513 ★★★
    I wouldn’t mind a nova tune up after the absolute memes get buffed.
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