3.4k glory per round, no minimums, no line, 8.5k prestige alliance looking for 1+

Hi all,

Looking for higher prestige players who are looking to disconnect from line and treat this as a game where glory and map6 crystals still roll in.

We are looking for 1+. We have 8.5k average prestige, run mainly map 4 (occasionally 5 on first days with the increased energy) and AQ participation is the only thing you need to do. We hit 130m minimum, depending on whether we include a map 5 (then it's 150m+).

No minimums, no line, no mandatory war (2bgs, g1 next season easy). Big bunch of mainly cavaliers who just want to play at their own pace but don't mind logging in 2-3 times a day for AQ.

SA we hit at least 500k, often 750k without holding and all 3 day milestones, without asking anyone to actually contribute - people just play

Reach out in game, ilovescotch.


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