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6.2 champion

Lucasjones98Lucasjones98 Posts: 335 ★★
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So I got mordo to about 30% but run out of revives but tomorrow morning I’m gonna grind arena to hell and back for units nd battleships for more units because I’m not quitting the quest now. But I wanted to take the time to ask about the champion, can someone explain his phases to me?
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  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    I believe his phases are..
    1. Pre show- 100-70% Not much to deal with here. I actually can’t remember even if there’s anything.
    2. Opening bout-70-40% Unblockable lights and if you hit him when he’s unstoppable you get stunned.
    3. Main event- 40-10% Unblockable mediums, 100% chance to shrug off DoT, damage dealt if you nullify/stagger a buff.
    4. Dark Match-10% 3 indestructible charges, dex his specials to remove them, get prowess from removing a charge, and then kill him with a special.
  • GowthamstGowthamst Posts: 8
    We can use symbiote supreme right for last 3 to nullify the indestructible
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