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Insomnia strikes again! This time, I'm back with my third OC MCOC character (adapted from my book like my other two): Jett Pho, better known to the struggling citizens of the Corridors as Amp!
Jett Pho (Amp)

Bio: Prior to becoming the vigilante known in the Corridors as Amp, Jett lived in Laos under the harsh regime of the Chinese government. Thanks to his mother’s bravery, Jett and his family managed to defect to America when he was twelve and settled in Meir City where he would spend the next five years of his life devoting himself to making the most of his newfound freedom. Jett was one of the first Elites Nathan recruited into the Cavalry and now serves as the Cavalry’s second-in-command. While Jett is an Elite with the power of sonic manipulation, his true strength comes from his dedication to hand-to-hand combat and fighting prowess.

Class: Skill
PI: 5/65 Sig200 10680
3/45 Sig200 13660
Attack: 2458 (5/65)
3015 (3/45)
Health: 25964 (5/65)
32852 (3/45)
Crit Rate: 37%
Crit Damage: 150%
Armor Rating: 45%
Block Proficiency: 45%
Energy Resistance: 0%
Physical Resistance: 0%
Crit Resistance: 0%

Tags: #Burst #Offensive #Small #TheCavalry #Elite #Hero

Awakened Ability: Hero of the Corridors
• Shattered debuffs increase Critical Damage Rating by a flat 25%
• When Fighting #Villains Jett inflicts himself with a Bleed Passive that deals 0 damage and lasts for 40 seconds.

Passive: Elite Physiology
• Jett takes 50% reduced damage from all forms of poisons.
Passive: Blackblood
• Whenever Jett is inflicted with a bleed, he places a Blackblood passive on his opponent, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 100% for the duration of the bleed. Blackblood does not affect #Robots, Daredevil, or Daredevil (Classic).
Passive: Amp’s Suit
• Jett’s suit grants him an additional 10% physical resistance and a flat 25% increase to block proficiency.

On Sonic Attacks:
• Sonic Attacks have a guaranteed chance to shatter the opponent’s eardrums, disturbing their equilibrium and inflicting a Shattered debuff that lasts for 10 seconds. Shattered debuffs can be refreshed via Jett’s heavy attack. While the opponent is under the effects of a Shattered debuff, they cannot evade and projectile attacks have a 50% chance to miss.

Sp1: The Forgotten Vow
• Jett strikes the opponent with a flurry of punches before unleashing a sonic shout that knocks the opponent down (8 hits).
• Each punch grants Jett a Precision Passive at the end of the attack that grants him an additional 80% Critical Rate for his next hit (Max: 7 Stacks). Striking the opponent removes one Precision Passive. While Precision Passives are active, Jett can land critical hits through the opponent’s block at the cost of 1 Precision Passive. Heavy attacks do not consume Precision Passives but cannot crit while they are active.
Sp2: The Human Scarf
• Jett jumps at the opponent, wraps his legs around their neck, and uses his momentum to throw them to the ground (2 Hits).
• This attack stuns the opponent for 1.75 seconds.
• If the opponent is inflicted with a Shattered debuff, this attack deals an additional 25% damage and the stun lasts for an additional 0.5 seconds.
• If Jett has 2 Precision Passives active, each hit is guaranteed to be critical. Additionally, after the attack ends, Jett regains 1 Precision Passive and a Cruelty Passive that increases Critical Damage by a flat 10% for 4 seconds.
Sp3: A Rainy Day
• Jett first headbutts the opponent, then unleashes a sonic shout that sends them flying into the wall (10 hits). This attack inflicts a Shattered Passive that lasts for 15 seconds. The effects of this Shattered Passive stack with any existing Shattered debuff; however, it cannot be refreshed.
• If the opponent has a Blackblood Passive, this attack inflicts a stun for 2.75 seconds.
• If the opponent has a Shattered Debuff, this attack deals an additional 25% as direct physical damage.
• If Jett has at least 1 Precision Passive, he converts it into a permanent Cruelty Passive that increases Critical Damage by 10%. (Max: 5 stacks). Jett can convert a max of 5 Precision Passives at once.
• If Jett has all three of his special effects active (Blackblood, Shattered, and a Precision Passive), this attack inflicts an Armor Shattered debuff, reducing the opponent’s Armor Rating by 3300 for 15 seconds. While this Armor Shatter is active, opponents cannot gain any armor up effects.

It’s Not a Lame Power!: With Daredevil and Daredevil (Classic)
Daredevil, Daredevil (Classic), and Jett: Bypass all forms of Miss on all attacks.

Loudmouths: With Black Bolt
Black Bolt: Black Bolt’s Sp3 inflicts a Shattered debuff that lasts for 20 seconds and prevents evasion and causes projectiles to have a 50% chance to Miss.
Jett: The first time Jett uses a Sp3 in fight, he gains a Fury Buff that increases his attack by 15% for 15 seconds.

Not Defined by Our DNA: With Karnak
Karnak: While Focused, every hit on Karnak’s combo meter increases his attack by 2%. Max: 250 hits.
Jett: Increases Jett’s Poison Resistance by a flat 15%.

The Cavalry: With El Salvador, Lightsmith, and Championess.
All Champions Except Jett: The first special attack of the fight inflicts the opponent with a Shattered Passive, preventing evasion and causes projectiles to have a 50% chance to Miss for fifteen seconds.

Second-in-Command: With El Salvador
El Salvador: Whenever El Salvador causes the opponent to Miss, drain 5% of a bar of power from them.
Jett: Whenever Jett causes an opponent to Miss, pause the duration of all Shattered effects for 3 seconds. This ability has a 6 second cool-down.

With creating Jett, I was aiming to have a fun, bursty character that can counter evade and deal big crits. In order to see the big damage from him, you need to play very aggressively. His ideal rotation for standard fights (6.2 and below) is: Sp1 to get the Precision Passives and Shattered debuff, parry and heavy to keep the Precision Passives and to refresh the Shattered debuff, and launch the Sp2. This allows you to get the most from the Sp2 (the 25% instant damage, the 2.25 second stun, and the 4 second Cruelty Passive). After launching the Sp2, dash in for a MLM combo, dash back, and dash back in for a full combo to get all 7 guaranteed crits with the extra Cruelty damage. Rinse and repeat until the opponent is dead. For longer fights (6.3, 6.4, RoL, and RoL) the ideal rotation is: Sp1 to get the Precision Passives and Shattered debuffs, parry-heavy to an Sp3, launch Sp3 to get the 5 Cruelty Passives for the additional 50% Crit damage, and spam Sp1s for guaranteed crits with big damage. Like Claudette, Jett’s big damage is offset by his small healthpool, but he does have a really high block proficiency.
Like all my characters, Jett gains a large benefit from running Suicides since his resistance to Poison allows him to regen back the damage from Recoil if played right. Jett also gains an additional benefit from Suicides as it allows him to start the fight with his Blackblood Passive active on the opponent.
Due to his reliance on parry-heavy for his ideal damage rotation, any node that inhibits stuns (Stun/Debuff Immune and Limber especially) is a really bad match up for him, but he can still manage to be somewhat decent by spamming Sp1s, though the damage difference will be noticeable. Additionally, any node that inhibits power gain or punishes using specials will be very bad for Jett since he relies on his specials to access his damage.
Ideal Match-Ups for Jett include pesky evade champs like Nightcrawler and OG Spidey since he can completely shut down their evades. Jett doesn’t perform as well against Robots, however, since he can’t Shattered them (they don’t have eardrums to shatter!). Champions and nodes that punish crits will also be bad for him.
As a defender, it’s best to take in a power control champ against Jett since he gets most his threats from his special attacks (while I can’t show how is special attacks would look, I would design the sp1 to be rather difficult to dex), but I think that most any champ can take him down since he doesn’t really have any defensive abilities.
In case you are wondering why Robots, Daredevil, and Daredevil (Classic) are immune to Blackblood, it is because it is a fear based power (Matt Murdock is known as the Man Without Fear and Robots are immune to the toxin) that Jett developed after an altercation with Phobos (he will be the last character I design and fair warning: He’s gonna be a new type of powerhouse—alongside Ghost’s level of power—since he’s the most powerful character in my series).
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    Is the PI better calculated on this one?
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    bumping the thread by question form I see
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    Is the PI better calculated on this one?

    Yep much better calculated
    Would be slightly higher at 13733 though
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 2,425 ★★★★★

    bumping the thread by question form I see

    What? Noooo, I’d never do that :wink:
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    Interesting. I like it. Although, what is "Shattered"? Is it different from Armor Shattered? I might just be reading this wrong but I can't find any definition of Shattered in here. Keep it up, though!
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 2,425 ★★★★★

    Interesting. I like it. Although, what is "Shattered"? Is it different from Armor Shattered? I might just be reading this wrong but I can't find any definition of Shattered in here. Keep it up, though!

    The definition is under On Sonic Attacks. Shattered is a debuff that Jett places on the opponent by shattering their eardrums with his sonic shouts. While the opponent is Shattered, they can to evade and projectiles has a 50% to miss.
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    pretty cool! seems fun and simple, while rewarding a specific playstyle. also, your book is sounding pretty awesome
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 2,425 ★★★★★

    pretty cool! seems fun and simple, while rewarding a specific playstyle. also, your book is sounding pretty awesome

    Thanks! I’m having a ton of fun making these characters too
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