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guys never done Suicides, would you recommend them. I do general event quests gameplay, AW, AQ and the odd arena. Im Uncollected but want to go further.
I want to hit harder but retain good health and not take to much damage.
Cheers Boyz
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    I got them right after doing my initial clear of act 5. Exploration became a lot easier. There are a couple of matchups that become way harder thou. You will hate every void you encounter (unless you take an immune champ)
    I play a lot more arena, but am cutting down on that aswell, but would not turn them of for anything.
    I would recommend having a good team of suicide friendly champs.
    Atleast be able to bring 1 or 2 friendly champs with each team (quest, aw and aq)
    If you also unlock willpower and coagulate you will hardly lose any health from them, and only take the recoil damage.

    The only thing that has really hold me back with suicides is not being able to throw your specials when you are at low health. Before I unlocked them, and I brought heimdall I was suprisingly able to stay alive for long, but with suicides that becomes harder.

    Overal I would recommend them for sure. Even if you are not a serious arena grinder.
    I have turned them of twice now, and couldn`t bare how slow it was and turned them back on without the hour.

    Good luck.

    (PS: What champs do you have that would benefit from them)
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    It depends on you general questing team and it will influence your future rank ups.

    Keep in mind that your def in War suffers a lot.
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    Post your roster and we can tell you if it’s worth it for your account
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