Should Kabam add option to login on ios devices with google play ids?

It is so problematic to jump devices when you actually forgot your kabam password and you forgot your gmail account password and cannot re activate that account

Should Kabam add option to login on ios devices with google play ids? 5 votes

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  • LacRWolfLacRWolf Posts: 3
    This is so frustrating
    I hope that never happens to you
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    You would think there was a way to retrieve that gmail account password.

    Oh wait. There is.

    I do not think it is up to Kabam to add that option. But rather something between IOS and Google Play.
  • You don’t need to logout/login as you switch between using your different devices.
    Just close the game, but do not logout first.

    Then each device will have still remembered what Game Account you are logged in as when you run the game from either device.

    Only problem is if you also have multiple game accounts (then you do need to switch your login to get to each account back-n-forth on a device).

    As for using Google Play ID on an Apple device, not sure that's as easily done as maybe some Apps that just use a Facebook SDK Login instead of creating all sorts of logins for each of your Apps.
    I’m sure you can cross-login between Apple/Google stuff from within a Website, but not sure they have cross-sdk's for developers to build into Apps of the other platform (??)
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