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Riot ( New Champion Idea)

Riot (Cosmic)
Signature Ability
▪ Grey Symbiote Talents
• Every start of each fight, for 5 seconds, all incoming attacks are Auto-Blocked except Heavy Attacks and Unblockable Attacks.
• When Blocking, Riot releases spikes from his body for protection. If the opponent Knocks him down while Blocking, 14% chance to Stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds if they are near Riot. This effect triggers on Heavy Attacks, Unblockable Attacks and Special Attacks.
• If the opponent attacks Riot when Blocking, return 6% of the Damage taken.
• Riot's Bleed and Armor Break abilities have 100% (Max SA lvl) to Double Up as well as the Duration.

☆ Klyntar Knowledge
▪ Riot knows how to deal with his enemies. Begins the fight with different abilities depending on what class he's facing. When facing against Mystic, Riot has no Klyntar Knowledge.
• Cosmic: Critical Attacks copy a Buff from the opponent for 10 seconds. Up to 3 different Buffs.
• Mutant: All Riot's attacks has 14% chance to inflict Heal Block for 4 seconds.
• Science: Riot gains 1000 Physical Resistance for 2.5 seconds if the opponent evades his attacks or when the opponent gains a bar of Power.
• Skill: Riot's Special Attacks burns 50% Power and inflict Power Lock for 8 seconds.
• Tech: Riot's attacks ignore Armor Rating and Physical Resistance by 10% and Shrugs off Debuffs 55% faster.

▪ First Hit Props
• Inflicts Bleed Debuff for 4 seconds.
• Gains a bar of Power.
• The first Special Attack that Riot will use becomes Unblockable.
• Gains Regeneration, healing 20% HP for 12 seconds.
• All attacks, when below 5 Combo Meter are guaranteed Critical Hits.

Symbiote Weakness
▪Riot takes 20% more damage to Fire damage (incinerate)
▪ When Riot is Incinerated:
• Gains Armor Break Debuff.
• -20% offensive and defensive Power Rate.
• - 20% Attack Rating and Block Proficiency.
▪ When Riot is Stunned, he has -15% Physical Resistance and Energy Resistance.
▪ Riot has -15% Attack Rating if he didn't get the First Hit Props.

▪ Riot's Offensive Weapon - Gigantic Axes
Riot transforms his arms into axes when he uses Dashing Attacks, 1st Medium Attacks and 2nd Medium Attacks.
• Riot's Dashing attacks and 1st Medium Attacks inflict Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by X for 4 seconds and Bleed for 4 seconds. These effects have 7% chance to trigger if the opponent is Blocking. If the opponent is Immune to both Armor Break and Bleed, these attacks ignore 45% Physical Resistance, 45% Armor Rating and 45% Block Proficiency.
• Riot's 2nd Medium attack is Unblockable and inflicts Bleed for 4 seconds.

▪ Riot's Defensive Weapon - Defensive Spikes
When Riot feels danger, he releases sharp spikes from his body that deals damage and Stun the opponent when they are near Riot.
• When the opponent lands 3 Critical Hits during a combo, gain a 1.5 second countdown and Riot releases Spikes from his body, Stunning the opponent for 1.5 seconds if they are near.
• When Riot is cornered by the opponent for 3 seconds, Riot releases spikes from his body, Stunning the opponent for 1.5 seconds if they are near.
• Spikes last 1 second and deals damage based on Riot's Attack Rating.
• Spikes won't come out if Riot is Stunned.
• The opponent is not affected by Defensive Spikes if performing a Special Attack.

▪ Heavy Attacks
Riot transforms his arms into flails and gives a devastating impact upon hit.
• When landed successfully, opponent gains Immobile for 1.5 seconds, preventing the opponent from Dashing Backwards. This ability goes on 2-second cooldown after Immobile expires.

Special Attack 1
• This attack inflicts permanent Bleed Debuff, damaging 2 HP per second and reduce opponent's Healing ability by 5% These effects stacks until Healing Ability is reduced by 100%

Special Attack 2
• The last hit from this attack is Unblockable. Inflicts Sunder for 10 seconds. While the opponent has Sunder, all of Riot's successful attacks inflict Armor Break until Sunder expires. Armor Breaks inflicted this way also expire when Sunder expires. If the opponent has Immobile during this attack, 25% chance to Stun the opponent for 1.5 seconds.

Special Attack 3
• For every 20% missing health on the opponent, this attack ignores 13% Physical Resistance and Armor Rating.

▪ Relatives
• Venom: Gain 5% Power everytime he gains a new Buff
• Carnage: Every 5% missing HP on the opponent gives Carnage 55 Critical Rating.
• Riot: If Riot didn't get the First Hit Props and when his HP reaches 15%, he activate Defensive Spikes after 3 seconds.

▪ All Symbiotes
• All Debuffs they inflict last 2 seconds longer.


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