Cavalier 4* Team For No Stone Left Unturned Objectives

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Hi all, so I just did my 2 initial runs of quests 1 and 5 for the cavalier difficulty using a team of only 4 stars. But what I wasn’t made aware of is that all quests MUST be done in order from 1-> 6 in order for each completed path to register. Therefore the intention of this post is to let you guys know that the 5th quest that I cleared wasn’t counted due to this archaic requirement.

From the screenshot below, one can clearly see that none of the successive objectives are locked off before the previous one has been cleared. So why have this restriction that clearly serves no purpose? Shouldn’t summoners be given the agency to complete whichever quest they want to do first in cavalier? My run was wasted, yes. What did I lose? Oh, just about an entire energy refill and a good 30 mins of my life is all.


  • SatsuiNoHadouSatsuiNoHadou Posts: 716 ★★★

    All objectives are like this. You must complete the chains in order to obtain the rewards.

    I am well aware that that’s a fact, but couldn’t we be given more freedom to do the ones that we want to do first? As mentioned, this is a very archaic requirement. What purpose does this restriction serve?
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    I guess so you cant go straight for the last one without doing the first. It'd be nicer if you could do them in any order, but only collect if the one prior was defeated. More to go wrong if they do it like that
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    All objectives are like this. You must complete the chains in order to obtain the rewards.

    Also, can you confirm if the objective will be same every month(or every alternate month).. Helps us to decide on 4* rank ups...
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    No one would do the first 5 if they weren’t like this.
  • SatsuiNoHadouSatsuiNoHadou Posts: 716 ★★★
    MrR0b0t said:

    If the rewards ramped up people would only do the ones with the best rewards not lowest to highest. If top prize was an A Gem who wants to do path for sig stones

    The idea is to do it in a non-sequential order but ALL must be done to unlock the final reward.
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    Does anyone know if you need a full roster to complete the task, or just beat the boss with one 4*?
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    You need a team with 5 4* @Fangio240
  • Fangio240Fangio240 Posts: 8
    Thanks mate.
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