Cull worth r2 and awekening?

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Pulled him 2 days ago, and not very impressed. In the other hand, cosmic class is somewhat poor imo. I'd love to get 6* Hype, but looks like he won't join basic pool for half a year at least. I have 6* corvus and not very impressed as well. I don't run suicides and not ever going to. Would love to get aarkus, but realistically it's not likely to happen. Other cosmic I'd consider taking to r2 don't really need their sig. I also have 6* ebony, but he's such a trash champ, so I wouldn't bring anybody for synergies. So should I invest into cull?

Cull worth r2 and awekening? 17 votes

R2 and aweken cull
rcm2017Scopeotoe987Rookiie 3 votes
R2, save the gem
10or_StrongKelvinKageEsket1t_420HeterminusPlinkoChikelDiabolicHilbert_unbeatable2[Deleted User] 9 votes
Better go corvus
AjisdopeCiciliatoKRANꓘRouger4Rap027 5 votes
Wait for aarkus
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  • Esket1t_420Esket1t_420 Posts: 546 ★★★
    R2, save the gem
    corvus may not be your favorite but he brings massive benefits, takes very reduced damage from dot like bleed and also has death immunity when awakened, and hits for big yellow numbers
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 3,498 ★★★★★
    R2 and aweken cull
    There's a better case to take Cull to R3 than R2
    Mainly because the larger health pool should help balance out his ridiculously low block proficiency
    Having said that, I wouldn't take him on any quests unless I had a 5 or 6* Guardian with me
  • KelvinKageKelvinKage Posts: 372 ★★★
    R2, save the gem
    Any particular reason you refuse suicides/Corvus? Also I meant to put Corvus as my choice
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 717 ★★
    Better go corvus
    I would rank two Corvus myself as he has massive damage after even two charges. Have him 5* rank five duped. Also have Cull 6* duped and have debated rank two for him. He does great damage once he gets charges too.
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