Dragon man block

So I’ve been playing with Dragon man for fun but recently took him up to r2 and now he’s on my main team for AQ. I don’t regret ranking him up, the damage is nice and the utility comes in handy so so much! However, now playing with him in something a bit more serious, ive noticed his block actually “blocks” me from seeing what my opponent is doing if they are size medium or smaller (pun fully intended). With his cornered mechanic I feel I need to keep the opponent in the corner for all the great benefits! But it bites back when I dash back too slowly because I didn’t realize my opponent was charging a heavy in the corner.
I can’t think this is a bug, but rather a small oversight. Anyone got any advice? Kabam, have any ideas for a fix or is this fully intended?


  • youaintrightyouaintright Posts: 145
    I've noticed that too. If I have my opponent all the way up against the corner I feel like I have to back up in order to not get a nasty surprise and see what they're doing. Which doesn't make sense when that's kind of his thing.
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