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Alliance war matchmaking suggestion.

Matrixdemonmemegod1Matrixdemonmemegod1 Posts: 112
edited August 2020 in Suggestions and Requests
Can you please do matchmaking based on alliance average member rating similarity? Ever since the new method cane, about 2 seasons back, all our matches have been biased as hevi. In some, we get empty Battlegroup to fight while in others, we get alliances that are triple our ratings and lose 2 or 3 leagues. Can we make this more fair? I am not asking for easier map as I admit we get empty Battlegroup. I just want both sides to be equal and competitive. Feel free to discuss in comments. For reference. We do 3bg war and our average defenders are rated about 7k while the opponents we get now are rated around 13k


  • You can discuss in replies.
  • Lord_VaperLord_Vaper Posts: 2
    I agree totally we just have been matched with an alliance 3 x more prestige and the previous 2 wars were a walk in the park this is something that needs addressing
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,596 ★★★★★
    No, that causes other issues, my rating is far lower than it should be for an account if this strength because I used to sell champs, it’s exploitable far more than the current system, this one just needs time to get everyone to the right place
  • @Lvernon15 that might be true but the issue is severe. We get completely empty wars first that we don't like either which increases war rating and then it matches us up with hell lot stronger alliance and IT CONTINUES and we lose. We lose resources and time.
    For your issue about players having strong heroes but less rating, it's very rare scenario and only 1 or 2 people are there in alliance. Plus,such people don't have lot of heroes as top ranked,only some. So, either in defense or attack, weak heroes are taken and hence made even.
  • I am being impartial. I don't want these super tough wars and I don't want super easy ones either. I want even matching. Even our opponents sympathise in war room chat.
  • Today for instance, in war, our regular node defenders like tiles 20-40 are of rating 7k to 8k while the opponents have 15k, 16k, so on.
  • I hope that if some more people in the forum do agree, being impartial about not having easy or tough wars, maybe we can get a developer to perhaps just provide a solution that satisfies all of us.
  • TacoSoxTacoSox Posts: 1
    Its like a cycle. We get a War where our opponent doesn't even show up. We score 100k+, they score 1000. The next War is slightly more eventful, where the opponent places 5-10 Champs in their defense nodes. But then we get slaughtered by a Gold 1 Alliance while ourselves in Bronze 2. And its not a prestige match. Ours is about 4.8mill in Bronze 1, currently facing a 12mill alliance from Gold 3. All I ask is that if they're going to bother having a ranking system, stick to it. If an alliance in gold 3 can't win in gold three, then there's always silver. Relegation, that's how it works. But for a Gold alliance to score easy wins in lower brackets sucks. And another quick note is to have whole alliances instead of these pieces-parts bull. We faced an alliance last season who was "Silver 3", but had 6 members from Master 2 alliance. This issue was never addressed when brought to administration attention. So, are these Forums going to do any good?
  • I gotta agree taco sox
  • FunkyGorillaFunkyGorilla Posts: 50
    Average member rating method would be exploited so badly and you'll come back crawling again saying "plz kabam nerf matchmaking Kabam opponent 100k rating but has maxed out 5 stars cuz he sold Kabam plz nerf plz what is crappy matchmaking?"
  • ABOMBABOMB Posts: 564 ★★★
    edited October 2020
    It should be partly based off of ally prestige as well as war rankings. If this means using brackets or something idk.
    Atleast the survey we all got today included this issue. I'm sure they are going to get many gripes about the new matchmaking setup. I'm also sure that they will get many peeps votes on it being okay too.

    The thing is tho..is that yes this is a game..but its also a product created by a business and therefore they won't want to turn their backs on the unhappy customers.
    As a business owner myself, trust me on this. The world revolves around currency and they won't risk possibly losing a whole demographic of customers which in turn would more than likely equal a significant loss on profits.
    Hopefully a change will be coming soon enough to try and satisfy everyone as best they can. Hang in there broham!
  • njandynjandy Posts: 238
    where’s all the dudes at saying it takes time for matchmaker to even out??? so glad my alliance stopped playing war. best decision we ever made
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