Pulled my first 5 star champion. Worth ranking?

As the title says i just pulled my first 5 star and it was a Ronan and i want to know if its worth the investment to rank him BEFORE taking my 4 stars to rank 5. my current top 5 are psylocke 4/40 iron fist 4/40 elektra 4/32 hulk buster 3/30 juggernaut 3/30 and my ronan at 2/19. I want to know if i should rank up psylocke iron fist AND elektra before or after focusing on getting ronan to rank 3 maximum. remember its rank up all 3 of those 4 stars or ronan first.


  • Unless/until you dupe the 5* Ronan, I wouldn't say he's worth bringing to r3. It is worth bringing all 5* champs to r2 for the extra points you get in arena.
  • At least to rank 2. Either way if u grind arena you get more points
  • Run477Run477 Posts: 1,382 ★★★
    I have 5* Ronan duped and I still don’t plan to take him past r2. He’s not very good. Psylocke and Elektra are pretty great champs. Don’t use t4ccs (or even t4bs) on hulkbuster. My guess is you have a lot more good 4* champs that aren’t ranked up. Not sure u can have a 5* champ without having quite a few more 4* champs
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    @Run477 My 4 stars are, those and low lv captian marvel and magneto
  • Run477Run477 Posts: 1,382 ★★★
    I don’t think I would be focusing on r5ing any of those champs or taking Ronan to r3. Psylocke is pretty good. Elektra is really good but without thorns she’s not as important (still good against magik and electro and great in some of rttl). But assuming you are fairly new in this game, you need to get some r5 4*s and make sure they are great champs.

    Ideally you would have a regen champ like x23 or wolverine for aq
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    @Run477 i definately want to rank 5 psylocke and i only need one more t4cc. ill get another 4 star crystal next week. im not really having any trouble with AQ but act 4 is giving me trouble and so is road to labrynth because of the safeguard area.
  • All 5*s are worth R2
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    doctordoom wrote: »
    All 5*s are worth R2

    he is rank 2 lv 19 i have the materials to take him to rank 3 not sure how i got them though
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