Buff and debuff icons with some mark after update

Hello guys, after the update today, 27th September, I noticed those kind of marks when a buff or debuff is actived.
It's not in all of them, I was running act4 chapter 3, then there's a lot of buffs and debuffs rolling on.
Is this a kind of utility and nobody explained yet? Or a bug?
Thanks and have fun



  • TsenatorTsenator Posts: 13
    It's new. It tells you what buffs/debuffs are from nodes
  • Hiya @EvilRazor, I'd be happy to explain this! This is actually part of the change we made in today's update; the icon around the buffs and debuffs indicates that these originate from a Node, while those without the icon around them do not. If you're curious about other changes that have been made in this patch, you can find all of that info here
  • EvilRazorEvilRazor Posts: 143
    Nice, its makes sense. Just have to familiarize with it, it took some attention when
    first appeared
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