Any Blade fanatics?

ABOMBABOMB Posts: 520 ★★★
Have a 5* skill AG, sig stones, and plenty rank up material but have been awaiting a Aegon, BWDO, Fury, or Elsa pull to use them on.

I do have a Blade but haven't used him much. Any advice on him?


  • TheEducationTheEducation Posts: 74
    Yeah. That's tough. Like the 1st reply said it probably depends on your current progression. Overall I'd put Aegon and NF ahead of him for the AG with Aegon getting the nod for the stones. (I know nothing about Elsa or BWDO)
    Depending on your roster and progression he can still have a place and help quite a bit in AQ, AW (depending on the nodes and opponents), CEQ, V1 and V4, and Act 5 but if your focus is Act 6 or you're thinking LOL or AOL then I'd continue to save them.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 2,492 ★★★★★
    Blade is still worth awakening and stones. He will save you on health pots and revives. He will help you completion on story (even in act 6 if you have starky/gr/mephisto as 5*).

    Blade was my first rank 5 after 5.4 was released. He doesn’t get a lot of play time on my roster because it’s bloated now. But overall you can lean on him in story/monthly questing. Even in alliance quest maps 1-6 he has uses. Map 7 would be more specific but he’s not “needed” either.

    You can also use him in war, probably in tiers 21-5. I wouldn’t rely on him above tier 5 but not that he would be useless either.
  • TheGoodStuffTheGoodStuff Posts: 20
    The meta of the game really left blade behind, but he still has his uses. would not be the worst rank up, but saving for Ægon or Nick Fury would be far more beneficial.
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