Here are the Falcon buff notes



  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 2,878 ★★★★★
    looks good but honestly i'm still not gonna use him.
  • When does the buff go live?
  • ChikelChikel Posts: 1,847 ★★★★

    Honestly I would need to see him in action. I do think Gambit got the better buff, but then again locked on with the lower cooldown might be very nice.

    Where is the gambit buff notes? I can't find it

    @Berserker22 I do not.

    8 Seconds isn't too long, especially when it can be up for 16 seconds (40% longer than that against Science) - if it had near 100% uptime, it would be insanely overpowered.

    100% Defensive Ability Accuracy Reduction is huge.

    I think the point is that most other evade counters can counter evade throughout the fight which begs the question: Why should I rank up Falcon when I have to be without evade counter for 8 seconds every 16 seconds? Add in nodes that punish defensive playstyle and you will get wrecked if the enemy evades while your ability is on cooldown.
    I think it should be reduced to 6 seconds. 8 is too long and 4/5 is too short. 6 is perfectly balanced ( As all things should be )
  • BulmktBulmkt Posts: 839 ★★★

    Kabam have done a Magneto like improvement to Falcon!!
  • LunaeLunae Posts: 371 ★★★
    OG Black Widow nerf was dumb tho... especially when you can just boost it back up with synergies. The whole point of my post was that shaving some seconds off wouldn’t be that impactful, but just slight more beneficial for the players and I don’t see how that’s such a bad thing so I don’t know what your taking about. I also don’t know what your talking about regarding “effortless” when I never said the word or implied otherwise. Reducing the timer by a few seconds is hardly that less “effortless”. I was just hypothetically stating that whether it’s “near” 100% or 100% regarding Falcon is irrelevant and trivial in his case.

    Either way whether it is op or not it’s all just personal opinion, but pretty much everybody was blindsided by that Widow nerf and on top of that I remember many finding it unnecessary so I still don’t see what the big deal is. Widow still has a potential high reduction, but I don’t see her breaking the game and unless Falcons coming with major damage I don’t see him breaking it either, 5 seconds or not.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,756 ★★★★★
    Why are people saying the buff is bad before even seeing it in action?
  • KnightNvrEndingKnightNvrEnding Posts: 313 ★★
    At least on paper I can’t see him being something I’m gonna be going out of my way to rank up at all lol he’s better obviously...but better doesn’t mean he’s amazing😂
    Also probably won’t rank anyway bc, well, I hated Falcon anyway lol
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