We played with cheaters and we lost platinum 1.

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Hi guys and kabam.
This season we had 4 loses. The 2 of them was from alliances that cheated. And for 5 spots we lost platinum 1 rewards. We submit a ticket (they defeated us with 4*) but in the end of the day the true loser is 30 people of our alliance. Give us the points from that win and give us the rewards we deserve.

If you ban them give at the alliances they play the points of winning.

Thanks a lot and i hope you re - consider the way you handle it ❤️
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    cheating how?
  • Hey gp87, we don't have direct access to in-game accounts here in the Forums. We're unable to review account activity so unfortunately, we're unable to help with concerns like this. As you've already submitted a Support ticket, I recommend continuing to work with our Support Team so they can assist you with this.
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