Gambit Post-Buff Speculation

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Karatemike just posted a vid of r5 Gambit pre-buff. 150k L2 both hits critting with Horseman and suicides. Take away Horseman, which gives him a 50% special attack bonus by dividing by 1.5 and you get a 100k L2.

To calculate post-buff, you change prowess potency from 18% to 40% from the buff (280% regular damage vs 500% regular damage), around double, meaning if both hits crit during Gambit's L2 with max prowess and suicides you'll have a 200k L2.

To calculate his special damage without suicides, you can divide his damage by 1.9. (Suicides give 60% attack boost, 30% special attack boost. I'm assuming they add up but to be honest I'm not sure. Either way it'll be a similar number.) You now have a 105k L2 without suicides at rank 5.

If that was confusing (I know it wasn't worded very well, here's the TLDR: Gambit has 200k L2 if both crit post nerf with suicides, 300k with Apoc Horseman. Without suicides it's 105k normally and 160k with Horseman.

On top of those massive, massive specials, he has a boatload of utility – he's a Magik and Thorns + more counter, has 150% Bleed Resist. Imo, easily worth taking to r5.

Some downsides include a reliance on buffs and I think debuffs, reliance on ability to reach an L2 for his massive damage (some nodes will hamper this), and probably some more I can't think of.

What are your thoughts? This is all speculation, of course, based on the leaked abilities. I'm sure this kind of thread has already been done but I'm very very excited for this champ.


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    Which tier would you rank him?
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    you forgot to close one of your parenthesis
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    What I don't like about him is that he needs to be over 50% health to get that bleed resistance. This can be reduced 30% via his sig ability but still...
  • ErocksErocks Posts: 295 ★★
    Monke said:

    I hope his prowess are passives, so that he won't be shut down. He could be a special monster!

    They aren't, Kabam noted in the buff that a nullifier would shut him down
  • ErocksErocks Posts: 295 ★★

    Which tier would you rank him?

    Easily God tier. Not quite Beyond God tier though.
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