5 players Looking Aq map5 alliance

We have 5-6 Friends with around 9k+ prestige we planning to leave our current alliance.We r looking alliance who runs map5×3 whole week. War optional.
For more details comments below


  • Capt_StrikerCapt_Striker Posts: 152
    Add me through line at captstrikerr and we can talk

  • ThethTheth Posts: 10
    Sure man
  • SjyeppersSjyeppers Posts: 7
    Hey add Sjyeppers on line. We've got spots open and would love to have you. [GJOdr]
  • ThethTheth Posts: 10
    edited October 2020
    Already reacted on ur post man
    See u in the line
  • Theth, if you're still looking let me know and we can chat. Line "funk"
  • Dark_Claw1Dark_Claw1 Posts: 125
    Line ID is darkclawprime
    Underground Warlords - UGWLs

    We participate in AW every other season and run Map 5 during off season (6 weeks) map 4 during the season (4weeks).
  • We are looking for 5-7 players right now so your group sounds like a good fit. We run 5x5 with master modifiers and optional wars. Hit me up on line at Doofy64 if you're interested
  • DrkaraDrkara Posts: 75
    I think you can fit with our alli. War optional off season though, if that works my Line is DrWey. We do AQ 655, 555 a AQ.
  • ThethTheth Posts: 10
    Sorry guys but we got new alliance
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