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3 Members looking for a gold ally

We can all do map 5, we'd be okay with map 4. Line ID: clashyknight. Here's my 4, 5, and 6* roster.


  • ClashyKnightClashyKnight Posts: 58
    Line ID: watubeenmissing

  • ClashyKnightClashyKnight Posts: 58
    That's a little bit out of order, sorry
  • yosloyoslo Posts: 17
    Im helping my officers out, trying to find some new players! We do map 5 all week, 3 BGs for war, trying to reach platinum, been gold 1 and 2 the last couple of wars! If you are interested you could hit me up on Line: g41f1
    Looking for 3 8.5k prestige. We run AQ weekly maps 4/4/3. 2BGs AW. We will run 5/4/4 soon.
    [Possible Officer Spot open]

    Hit me on LINE If interested: thanosthafarmer
  • Dark_Claw1Dark_Claw1 Posts: 75
    We run AW every other season and Map 4. Map 5 during off-season (6weeks).

    Underground Warlords - UGWLs
    Line ID - darkclawprime
  • We.Are.Venom...

    Newly established alliance looking for 5 skilled players to join a team of highly active and skilled people.

    AQ 5x5 and war will be aiming for gold 2-3 in our first season with full diversity, only to progress from there.

    Line is a must for communication.

    Hit me up on line: BigFellaM8 and just send me a message on here

    We are strong..We are one..We are Venom...
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