Help-4/8/16...Help-All **It's still the WRONG way to go.

RE new Fall Dev Diary...

So if they are moving from 4 to 8 to 16 HELPS at a time before eventually reaching HELP ALL. That still means that individual Helps are being communicated between your device and the servers each time, as well as massive processing on back end server to handle Help Status of all the individual champs on every alliance member who is doing Arena (across all the 10's of thousands of alliances out there).
Even with the potential for AUTOMATIC REQUESTING of Help, which is while you are actually doing Arena (that only affects the Requesting, not the Giving of help by teammates).

**ALTERNATIVE approach would still be better to either get rid of Arena Help altogether... (OK, so Kabam doesn’t want to do that... read on).

Put in place a SINGLE HELP (Giving of Help), that people would press ONCE EVERY 4 HOURS (similar to how CLAIM 4-HR Free Crystal is on Home Page).
As people are doing Arena, their champs would Automatically receive a reduced Cool-Down Time that reflects how many Teammates have given their 4-hr Help (within the last 4 hrs).
So there is no on-the-fly changes to arena champ cool-downs as Helps are constantly given. And when doing Arena, there would not be any Requesting of Help either.
There would be no constantly coming back to give more Helps. No pages upon pages of Pending Helps sitting on your Help screen. No constant changing of your champs cool-down times that the Servers are constantly adjusting across the 10's of thousands of people doing arena throughout the game. No heavy Proccessing Loads upon the Servers. Etc, etc.


(Fyi, pics below from new Dev Diary, related to their plan for 4/8/16/all helps, which would still be processor/server intensive)...


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    i mean if I’m being honest help 4 has never been smoother after this latest update
  • i mean if I’m being honest help 4 has never been smoother after this latest update

    Maybe so (yes, maybe not as slow giving help as in past), but because helps are available by ALL 29 other teammates, and Helps get to sit around for about 12 hours now (instead of disappearing once helped by just 5 people), it is actually more of a problem right now just due to sheer number of helps.

    And the helps seemed to also hang around for the full 12 hrs, even after they individually would have long since come out of their Cooldown time.
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