Awakened Nick fury going straight to second phase

I was in the cavalier EQ when I went to use Nick fury for the first time, and his persistent charge icon was gone. When I started the match, he went straight until his second phase.


  • Lucasjones98Lucasjones98 Posts: 264 ★★
    Same thing happened to me the other day, after restarting the game it went back and I’ve not had the problem since.
  • I just think it's sad that this has been an issue for MONTHS and they still have yet to correct it. I just spent a gauntlet on a SBR and it happened to me, but am I going to get the gauntlet back for their screw up? No. I shouldn't have to check before each quest to make sure a champ functionality is actually working before I start, and restart the game a couple times to get it to work.
  • Hazzalec1Hazzalec1 Posts: 424 ★★★
    I understand this is frustrating- but at the same time you’re going into the second phase for most fights normally anyway, right?

    I’m not saying it’s justified, and I agree that you should definitely bring it up. But, I wouldn’t worry much since you won’t waste your gauntlet as usually it will make little difference to his playstyle. Well at least how I play him.

    So while I do think it should be fixed, it’s unacceptable and it’s annoying, it’s tolerable for now. Of course for someone like corvus or Ægon, that’s a different story since their persistent charges are integral to their playstyle. If the bug made him not get his second life, that would be worse since you’re then essentially playing him unawakened. I’d say at the moment (from my perspective) it’s not bad enough where you can’t use him.
  • crogscrogs Posts: 554 ★★★
    Well that's just dumb. Why would I go to his second phase just because if I don't have to? Maybe you're playing content where that is how you have to play him, but doesn't make sense to just do it.

    And of course this is a problem that only helps kabam, so of course they'll let it go on and on and on. But if it's something that helps us, a glitch we take advantage of, we're the bad guy for taking advantage of it, and of course it always gets fixed asap. F' the hypocrisy.
  • Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 2,081 ★★★★
    Yeah it happened to me too. But now it is working correctly for me.
    If it is still happening to some people, it should be fixed.
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