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just got the generic AG from the event, who should i use it on? i was leaning towards aegon or capIW and i can get either to around sig 50-60ish but other opinions are welcome too


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    Aegon would benefit the most. Also he needs awekening badly. Or you can save it waiting for someone else. But none would probably benefit as much
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    I don't think it has to be Aegon - at your level, and roster, Cap Infinity War will do far more, more quickly, in more areas of the game. He's useful everywhere. They're both great champs, both worth Awakening and taking to 5/65; but until you're trying to clear Act 6 and the Abyss of Legends, Aegon isn't going to be your go-to champ, out of the two of them.

    Kabam is giving us more and more opportunities to get hold of 5* AGs - by the time Aegon is essential, it's very likely that you'll have more Awakening Gems and the Sig stones he needs a large number of.

    So, for me, Awaken Cap first; and then Aegon with your next opportunity.
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