Game crashing

I’m sure there’s already lots about this but it’s just frustrating now. Crashing mid aq or aw fight costing half my health for no reason. It’s just aggravating. Even in quests it’s rather annoying. Anyone know when or if this will be fixed?


  • De_Potato_SaladDe_Potato_Salad Posts: 253 ★★
    I don’t really read the forums so if anyone knows can you let me know please
  • De_Potato_SaladDe_Potato_Salad Posts: 253 ★★

    i need a 6* nexus crystal for compensation with these crashes I need to dupe my kamala khan

    I would take a dupe on a 6* kamala 🤣
  • TBKlannTBKlann Posts: 64
    I'm having same issue, have to restart game every time I change from one area of game to another, and forget arena, every select team screen freezes.
  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 1,632 ★★★★★
    Game crashes randomly every 10-15min.
    At least it crashes consistently 🤣
  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 388
    I’ve raised ticket, crashes, can’t log in on mobile network etc.. no solution, no response
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