Reason why Daredevil buff is a flop and why I am(and I suspect many people are) upset.

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I posted this somewhere else, but the more I think about it, the more upset I get. Some people don't seem to get it, but Daredvil's buff being bad is especially bad because..

1. Skill class is lacking. Nick Fury is carrying the entire class on his back. Good thing he has an LMD so his back can break twice, but we need more pillars. Daredevil could have been a great skill champ to make skill great again.

2. This was Daredevil's last shot at ANYTHING. You think they'll tune him up? Or update him? This is it. Funny how Kabam is so eager to Tune down champions or "fix" them any time they want, especially right after release if they are "broken" but are so adamant about leaving **** champs as they are like Immortal Hulk. He will no longer be up for any discussion because in their eyes he was already buffed.

3. He shares the same pitfalls as every other lackluster, forgettable, bad pull 2020 champions. He relies on a sp2 for damage. He has weird drawbacks(40% regen rate reduction, utility distributed in his two modes, making him weird or less viable for certain matchups) for no apparent reason. (I don't buy the "100% regen rate is OP! Argument, because it isnt' really that OP. I doubt he'll regen much more than say, Namor.) Finally, no real use. 65% DAAR? Weird and unreliable. It applying after 16 hit combos? He better have some crazy damage. But he doesn't. At best its OK Damage. There is no reason to use him if you have nick, stealthy, monky, even falcon.

As for people saying "nOT eVeRY bUFf sHoULd bE gAMebREaKing", I don't think people are complaining because he isn't magneto. Its because Daredevil went from, well, Daredevil, to Moleman. He's a very famous adapdation of a famous and loved character, from a class that desperately needs a savior, who's gimmick is Redemption and grit in the comics. Also he was right under Magneto for who needs a buff. People wanted to see him get good! This would have been the perfect, and only, opportunity to make him A tier or S tier and sell his story as well as crystals.

But they butchered the buff. And after the Cyber Monday pulls, all I had to hope for was having fun with Daredevil. I am very, very disappointed, and I think people have the right to be, because this was a long anticipated buff that went wrong.

*Also, does skill have ANY suicide friendly champ? Why doesn't skill have one? Every other class seems to. Another missed opportunity.


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    Also if you're going to mention the initial reacion to Warlock, I should remind you that

    -Warlock still had 3 immunities and heal block, as well as his armor up. Unless Kabam makes nodes that REQUIRE you to have DAAR champs, Daredevil has no immunities, no meaningful synergies with masteries(As Warlock works pretty well with suicides), and weird drawbacks like gimped healing that ruins certain nodes and combo based abilities that dont deliver.
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    I would say its a amazing buff but its just a buff not a OVERHAUL
  • Thank you for sharing your feedback. In the future, please focus solely on the feedback. Please continue to give us your feedback on him, as well as other Champions.

    It is important to note that not every Champion is going to get the Magneto Treatment (we went way above and beyond for those two to make them match their Comic counterparts), and not every Champion will be the best at everything. Daredevil is a Champion with some very unique mechanics, and this isn't the first Champion to not be appreciated at launch.

    Closing this thread because there are others on this subject.
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