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Rank up advice

Currently cavelier, looking to do some variants next, all I’ve done is v4. As well I’m going to try to get strong enough to finish the champion challenges by the end of the month. Which rank up would help me the most?

Rank up advice 13 votes

Cap iw to rank 5 (sig 100)
WayntosAanthoRabangaZipioDonDudu2809PricelessThoye3RasputinscurseShannokSilver_GooseAwesometee11 11 votes
Hyperion to rank 4 (unduped)
Venom the duck to rank 4 (sig 20)
Spiderman stealth suit to rank 4 (unduped)
CrcrcrcYodabolt21 2 votes
She hulk to rank 4 (unduped)


  • Hm26Hm26 Posts: 13
    My other champs are a 5 65 Nick fury, and six star Gamora and man thing at r1.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,140 ★★★★★
    Venom the Duck and Stealthy could be some nice champs for v5

    what do your villain champs look like?
  • Hm26Hm26 Posts: 13
    I’ve got 4 star maxed red mags and doctor doom, that’s about it
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