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Best Counters for Mulaney Challenge

HelpyyHelpyy Posts: 114
edited December 2020 in Strategy and Tips
Hi, I want the rewards and was wondering how I can complete the challenge with the least resources spent.

I thought bringing a counter for each one of the 5 fights would do well. So who do you think is good for who there?

Or should I bring usual questing champs like CMM, Fury, Ghost, Wasp.


  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,216 ★★★
    So far I've explored chapter 1 only. For me personally, I use dr. Doom for Howard the duck, guillotine 99 for gwenpool and deadpool red, corvus glaive for mysterio and warlock. Quake for pig. Last slot u can use any. Again, this is what I used. Good luck.
  • SouthfenceSouthfence Posts: 39
    edited December 2020
    Claire works great for HtD, gwenpool and Deadpool. She can even handle the other 2 in a pinch. Venom is the goat for the pig and I used Aegon for the others. Ended chapter 2 with 500+ combo but warlock is still an almighty pain.

    Aegon struggles against the pig as he has the MD node so unfortunately all Aegons buffs give him alot of power.

    I tried alot of different teams and went with Claire, venom, aegon, quake and g2099 but quake and g2099 didn’t offer much so they could be replaced with 2 champs that will be strong vs warlock.
  • HelpyyHelpyy Posts: 114
    HSS75 said:

    archangel for gwenpool, symbiote supreme for howard the duck , warlock for deadpool , cap iw for warlock and mysterio, hyperion for also mysterio and to help cap iw deal with mysterio, that's my team i am going with to do this challenge hopefully will be enough

    İ think best counter for deadpool is archangel but then he gets overloaded.
  • HelpyyHelpyy Posts: 114
    edited December 2020
    Thanks guys i think my team is gonna be archangel aegon proxima quake and fury
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,260 ★★★★★
    Mysterio counters everyone but Howard and Warlock
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