Tips and tricks for progressing players (mainly UC)

RaviDaviRaviDavi Posts: 527 ★★★
Even though I know many of you are Cav or Thronebreaker, some of us forum users are UC or not even UC yet.

Do you need to know more about some skills (parry, reparry, animation cancelling, backdrafts, medium intercept, heavy spam, baiting heavies ...?)
Are you on the verge of becoming uncollected but stuck somewhere in 5.2?
Do you want to see yellow number(s)?
Do you like music from Lensko?
Are you interested to see gameplay with visible 'fingerprints'?

If you answered yes to any question above this, my newest video might be for you!
Check it out on the following URL:

Cheers and have a nice day!


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