Best thing to do?

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Who to rank 2?

Best thing to do? 18 votes

6* sorcerer supreme unawakened
AnthinhoDeaconVelvetHera1d_of_Ga1actusMetalJakesteampittThicco_ModeCharlie21540TheBair123KablYodabolt21[Deleted User]avenge_123Barani7da 13 votes
6* guardian unawakened
EtjamaDanyal_39gammeEbhai 3 votes
6* wasp unawakened
JoshKosh557 1 vote
6* silver surfer unawakened
6* nick fury unawakened
6* captain American infinity war unawakened
shdh1221 1 vote
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  • MetalJakeMetalJake Posts: 343 ★★
    6* sorcerer supreme unawakened
    It really depends on ya mystic roster.. would she have a fit in your top teams or do u already have better options and she’ll just sit on ya bench except to hav fun with later.
  • 6* guardian unawakened
    Within all these champs, I have no synergy. My current roster is 5* maxed CMM, 5* maxed HT, 5* maxed Nick. Have got iceman at R4, Hyperion at R4 but confused between 5*s and 6*s, who to take up first??
  • 6* guardian unawakened
    I also have 6* sunspot at R2 so top 4 would be CMM, NF, HT, Sunspot. Cant decide 5th champion..!😢
  • binrakbinrak Posts: 193
    You are lucky look at mine
  • 6* guardian unawakened
    I have got few of those memes..!😅
  • 6* guardian unawakened
    Out of my 18 6*s, I have got 5 decent ones..!!
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