Need tips for 5.2.4 storm


  • Sahil_R_RanaSahil_R_Rana Posts: 153 ★★


    Share your Roster

    Fight with Bleed immune champ (because caltrop) or use corvus Glave with atleast 2 persistent charge so you can solo the boss
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 1,478 ★★★★
    Agree with the post above. Share your roster.

    Bleed immune is all you need. Dodging her sp1 and sp2 is pretty easy so avoid parrying too much to keep the regen down or use someone like warlock who will deal with it naturally. Backdraft, bait sp1 repeat with a bleed immune champ.
  • Thanos1149Thanos1149 Posts: 753 ★★★
    Take a bleed immune, avoid SP attacks, and otherwise it is the same as any other fight
  • The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 1,963 ★★★★
    If it's just the storm whose your problem, Bleed immune is all you need. It maybe a slow fight, just have the patience, punish specials and heavies and your good to go!
  • alexsamuraiboyalexsamuraiboy Posts: 27
    yea take a bleed immune or even better, omega red. he wrecks storm
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