Looking for war and AQ active ally

I’m an active and skilled player with 8k prestige and rapidly growing. I was in Gold 1 three years ago when I played a lot. I recently got back in the game, looking for a well organized alliance that I can grow in.
Line ID-Eevee4
Game name-Eevee4


  • KoiBoy18KoiBoy18 Posts: 145
    @Eevee4 Hey there - our alliance [107SJ] Starjammers has 6000 prestige and 10.2MM rating. We run AQ 44443 for 80 million points weekly and 2 BGs in War for Silver 1. We have a good front line of boss killers and many alt accounts of high level players. We use LINE for communication - if you're interested, please reach out to LINE ID: TeekaFox or LINE ID: KoiBoy18

  • Karen47Karen47 Posts: 5
    Hey! We run a mix of map 5 and 6, top 1000 in aq weekly. 2bg wars but rating is low at the moment due to taking two seasons off. We hope to grow to a gold rating this season. Line required. Hit me up karen73081 if interested in more deets!
  • Dark_Claw_Pr1meDark_Claw_Pr1me Posts: 117
    Underground warlords - UGWLs

    Map 5 during war off-season Map 4 during season.

    We war every other season with goal of Platinum rewards
  • Dark_Claw_Pr1meDark_Claw_Pr1me Posts: 117
    Line - darkclawprime
  • MIRZAAN_1MIRZAAN_1 Posts: 19
    Join S.M MARVEL bro
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