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'Disagree' button issue.

Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 502 ★★★
edited February 6 in Suggestions and Requests
This is a forum suggestion, as opposed to a game suggestion. And I am well aware I'm going to get loads of disagrees on this post, let's just ignore that.

It seems that lately, more than ever, there seems to be lurkers on this forum that go around and disagree with everything that people post, even when there is nothing to disagree with.

I am not asking to remove the disagree button, there are always going to be posts that deserve it. But maybe limit its usage??

Maybe each person can only use 5 disagrees in a 24 hour period, or you can only dislike one post of another user, and cannot dislike another of their posts for 24 hours. (I don't know the best solution. That's kind of why I put this up for discussion)

But we need to acknowledge that it is a growing problem on this forum lately.


  • Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 502 ★★★

    it means and does nothing.

    Fair point.
  • Izze_KingIzze_King Posts: 260 ★★
    I thought about that often when reading post. They’re like forum villains. 😂 I’ve accepted that there will always be negative people. They’re just doing their part. Focus on the positive uplifting vibes and ignore the trolls on the other end.
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 1,437 ★★★★
    Just ignore those disagrees. Those disagree villains are gonna hit disagree without rhyme or reason.
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