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  • DonybDonyb Posts: 125
    I’m in agreement if alliance war continues to go the way it’s going rank down tickets have to be issued
  • Why don’t you just tell us that you want money,more and more money? So If you like to play with that then go for it otherwise stop mentioning that again and again “spender will win”cause we know that already ??
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    Donyb wrote: »
    I’m in agreement if alliance war continues to go the way it’s going rank down tickets have to be issued

    if Diversity Parade "wars" continues as is through end of the year, i'll be quitting. Hate when developers destroy the games I love.
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    I'm all for more interesting fights, but these changes do not convince many of us you're really thinking things through. Node 35 was already one of the hardest nodes on the map. In tier 1, you basically have 3 options - SESM, OG Vision, and OG Daredevil. Most of us only have one of those, and as is, he easily times out on that node. Now it's worse? And then another enhanced L2 node with poison? So what, if you didn't buy OGV, you can just stop advancing there? And then SPITE? In war? That node was annoying enough in challenges and other content, but now we have to deal with it in an environment where enemies will likely have mystic dispersion? How exactly is that supposed to work out? Dexterity is still essential and still interacts with MD. That was the most decisive factor in war before these changes, and now you're giving us a node that makes it twice as bad? Come on guys.

    Still no penalty for defender kills and added nodes that will force more potions to be used. Hmmm....sounds like Kabam is really listening to the community.
  • I can't wait until I come across a Magik and juggernaut in AW with spite and mystic dispersion, I think that's what everyone's feedback has been so far right?! Seems like you guys still don't get the point. We don't need harder nodes we just want our defender kills back, having to speak to each member about who they should bring for diversity and then who has the higher PI of that champ is ridiculous.
    Plus that dexterity buff, you guys can't make it a passive buff?!
  • DonybDonyb Posts: 125
    It isn’t wise to mention the “b” word
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    Bianco wrote: »
    You told us when you make new aw it will be easier and delete all hard nodes like thorns, all or nothing, slashed tires etc and now you bring new great nodes like masochism, bane, sprite and all fu****g **** to aw... You know what? Bring back old aw with old nodes and old system, with defender kill points and GET THE **** AWAY FROM THIS

    And brought back all or nothing.....lol

    We got trolled hahahaha
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    Raganator wrote: »
    You still make zero sense. Don't want people to feel discourage so take away defender kills, so just make nodes harder to discourage people. Stupid.

    The "discouraged" comment is surrounding the idea of not taking on a fight for the sake of not giving the other Alliance Points. This causes people to make the choice to just not fight. Not fighting in a war should never be the optimal strategy.

    These changes are being made to move some of the emphasis away from Defender Diversity, and back on to making educated choices with your Defender placement. Before jumping to "This won't work", give the map a couple runs through. This will also help us gather more data on any further adjustments that might need to be made.

    lol we jumped to the ''this wont work'' conclusion the first time and we were right
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    edited October 2017
    Funny thing is that you changed aw cause of these and removed thorns/slashed tires/200% power gain cause these were too hard and not fun to deal with.

    So in the new aw you bring us
    Flare: unavoidable degeneration
    Bane: somewhat unavoidable degeneration
    Spite: if you gain buffs you cant control = l3 to the face multiple times
    So these aint BS? And these are fun?
    Very well sir, very well...... :neutral:

    And mashocism, buffet and arc overload are based from modified health? I hope not!!!!!!
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    Unbelievable. Smh, how bout addressing inflating defender rating via boosts and suicides
  • Darth_HulkDarth_Hulk Posts: 8
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    This is why we're bringing more difficulty back to Alliance Wars maps. The double 100% should not be a common thing. It's meant to be a rarity, and in that case is where Defender Diversity come in.

    @Kabam Miike I have a slightly different perspective than many here, but still feel it needs to be considered. I am in a mid-lower tier alliance (and very content there), our rating is typically 1250-1300's (occasionally into 1400's), which puts us in roughly tier 6-7 war. At this level, diversity does not really affect us and has not yet decided a war either way. So, it does seem to be the scenario you intend in that it can be a tie-breaker for us. And in fact, my alliance is enjoying war right now.

    However, increasing the difficulty of our nodes while you are tuning the maps for higher alliances will greatly impact us. As of yet, we have not 100% completed an entire war map, or had an enemy do so to us in this new war system. In fact, many of our wars end up with 0 boss kills on one or both sides. Of our last 5 wars, none have ended with more than 2 boss kills combined for both teams (these were all 3bg wars). That is out of a possible 6 boss kills.

    My point is, the difficulty is already tuned well for our level, adding in bane, flare, arc overload, spite, and other stuff will only make the difficulty to where there is rarely any boss kills on either side. If we know we will never have a chance to kill the boss, the fun of war is already gone. So, please take a close look and consider us lower tier guys while you ramp up the difficulty for the big guys.

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    Brnbby wrote: »
    If I wasn't jailed I'd give you a piece of my mind.

    you and me both bro
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    The harder kabam makes the nodes, the less diverse our defenses will be in tier 1-3
  • MrMojoMrMojo Posts: 97
    Seems pretty simple to me. They want people to spend or use more items to complete the map and try to win. Points for defender kills would stop that. They want more of your $$$ and items.
  • TheObiJuanTheObiJuan Posts: 37
    And with this new failed AW change, there goes our used-to-be-fun AW to complete ****. Very challenging local nodes will be added that weren’t meant to be used on Champions with masteries like MD. Spite, Power Shield, Bane, etc.

    Now we’ll be forced to spend more and more to still 100% and tie but lose to whomever has the higher defender rating.

    But it’s okay, Kabam Miike says it’s a “rarity”. fkm35n48qsjt.jpeg
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    @Kabam Miike awesome 2 more guys just gave notice cos they can't put up with this be excuse for alliance war.
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