Abyss questions

So I’m going to do my initial completion of the Abyss and my team is probably gonna be:
5*Aegon r5 sig200
6*Doom r3
6*Ht r2
6*Symbiote Supreme r2
6*Void r2 sig 56
First question: Would you take in Void with that sig level and with whom would you replace him?
Second question: Would you recommend to switch any other characters listed above?
I have 64 L1 revives, 30L4 and 20L3 health pots and 4500 Units. Do you guys think I’m good to go?


  • Do you think that ss is better for Abyss than doom? Because I thought about taking ss because I heard many people say he is really good and I more thought of him as a second mystic just in case. And you’re right I don’t have Nf.
  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 6,248 ★★★★★
    You dont need Doom and SS or HT and Void. I suggest Void and SS Bring Hiemdal for Void and if you have Nick sub him for Doom.

    That should be more than enough for units and pots.
  • Is Voids sig enough?
  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,316 ★★★★★

    Is Voids sig enough?

    He aig won’t matter u hav to slow play to get most damage from hes debuff. That what matters the most u don’t really use combos with void. It all slow playing also I’m suggesting to take in hemdial instant of doom.
  • Ok thanks for the advice. Last question: who do you think is better for cyclops, aegon or void?
  • So I am going to start in some hours and you guys suggested to take this team right?
    Aegon, SS, Ht, Void, Heimdall
  • I have L3 MD so with SS I should just spam sp3s right?
    And does someone have experience with SS against Cmm?
  • Yeah already watched it. It’s just I have pulled SS from 7.1 exploration so I don’t really have experience with him but with Doom I have. But watched some videos from munash and now I have decided my team. I am gonna start in half an hour and again thanks for all the help!!!
  • hermherm Posts: 386 ★★
    good luck
  • Thank you!
  • Rn I am on IW. Any tips how to fight her with Aegon?
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,260 ★★★★

    Rn I am on IW. Any tips how to fight her with Aegon?

    Heal up to full and throw your specials before the power stings expire.
  • Is it possible to get around the power stings with parry? I only have a few health pots so will 40% be enough?
  • KeonexKeonex Posts: 98
    vs IW, you really want to heal up your Aegon.

    then don’t be afraid to use specials its better to take power sting damage which i believe is like 600hp VS being Stunned and dying completely.
  • Thank you. Did mess up 1-2 times but then it wasn’t that hard and I finished it yesterday.
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