Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 1,222 ★★★
Just beat the Grandmaster and I am so happy. What a fight though. I would like for Kabam to add him as champ to fight as a duel because that fight was really fun (and annoying sometimes) but yea what a fight.

Here are my rewards. Sorry no pictures as I though my phone was recording.

5* Nexus- Apocalypse Star Lord or Invisible Woman. All three great choices but I went with Apocalypse.
Next 2 regular 5*s ( I didn't go for the featured because I have a CGR and now Apocalypse both who were my top 2)- Star Lord and Night Monkey. Really happy for these two especially Night Monkey
6*s- Ant-Man dupe and Moon Knight dupe. Pretty disappointed on these as i have terrible 6*s but my 5*s are insane so i still have 7.1 to get 6*s

Overall I had an amazing time and got decent rewards. So yea now on to 7.1 and see if I can r3 a 6* lol


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