Any hope for a buff for her...?

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Also she is my first so called 'rare' champ that are not in basic five star pool. Who was yours?
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    I doubt any time soon. I love her as is, though (duped w/ max sig). SP2 is wicked! I wish I had her as a 5* - CONGRATS!
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    They shouldn't buff classic and nostalgic champs...
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 529 ★★★
    And congrats!
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    I would love it if she got a proper update, in the Comics, her catsuit is actually Kevlar so she would have a high bleed resistance and her super soldier serum not only increased her dexterity and evade but it also gave her high resistance / immunity to poison
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    I got a 5 star Gamora and OG Thor. I think those guys are rare 5 star champs
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    i feel like these exclusive 5* champs won’t get a buff in quite a while due to not too many people having them but you never know
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