Summoners, due to a technical issue, this week's series of Alliance Quests will be cancelled at 4pm PT. There will not be any Rewards for this series. The next series of Alliance Quests will start on April 18 at 12pm PT. We will be assessing the impact on Alliances and compensating accordingly, as well as returning Alliance Tickets.

Seeking advice for Labyrinth exploration

I did LOL easy path last year with Domino. Now I have Aegon, so I want to explore it. Part of the reason why I want to do Labyrinth is because I want to get better at using him before I jump into the Abyss (I am already Thronebreaker, so no rush). Here is what I want to know: can Aegon do all the fights in Labyrinth? I am sure my roster can counter every opponent there, but if Aegon can take every opponent, these ^ synergy may be better way to go. Nick Fury + Goldpool because I plan on running suicides. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you


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