GuytennisGuytennis Posts: 297 ★★★
When they were designing Sentry and Void, I imagine the merging went something like this at kabam:
For void he’ll be about to just stand there and slowly apply debuffs to the opponent they will kill them over time. The debuffs will also limit their ability to regen, evade and gain power. He’ll be able to do all that just by standing there. If he uses an l2, when the opponent uses one of their specials, they’ll lose more health. Also, we’ll make him incinerate immune.
For Sentry, since he’s the same guy, we’ll obviously give him none of that. For him to do his max damage on his first fight he’s going to need a combo of 160 hits. Otherwise he might need to be in his third or forth fight to be at his best. We’ll give him a rotation of abilities based on his hit count. Obviously, he’ll start each fight with the most useless ability active. If at any point he loses his combo he’ll revert to his most useless ability. His second and fourth abilities will increase his damage and be unblockable. His second ability will only happen 60% of the time and even then his increased heavy damage will crit very rarely. Let’s also give him no immunities but we will throw in a paltry regen (that will only function after and l3 if he has a reality warp and his health is under 50%). We will throw in a indestructible ability but that won’t work if he’s under any type of debuff.
Kabam round table. ‘Done and done’.


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