Rank Up Bundle deals and Maintenance

Yesterday, almost finishing the timer for buy those Deals, I bought the first Bundle then I would to buy today the Advance Bundle.
Well I was to login in to buy it and spend my latest units in this deal. No problem because I had some minutes maybe hours. But the game was in maintenance.
Now I logged in but the timer was expired and I missed the chance for buy it.

I understand the game could have emergencies and that's fine, unexpected problems happens, I wasn't ranting or complaining, I came to the board to read about it or whatever then I hoped to logging in and continue with what I would do.

I don't know whether or not you could give me again a chance for this deal.
But it could be fine if whatever active timer is frozen UNTIL the player is logging in again. I have lost many ISOs and materials, even Deals for this exact same case, didn't care then but this time I felt it and I think if I don't suggest it no solution will happen.


  • Hey There!

    Can you please send our Support team a ticket? While we on the forums don't have the ability to take any action on this kind of thing, they have the ability to take care of this!

    You can send a message to our support team via the in-game menu. Tap on the grey gear icon in the top left corner of your home screen, and then on the support button!
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