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3 Asian Player Looking Aq map5 Alliance

3 Player with 10k+ prestige looking Aq Map5 gold 1-2 alliance.
Asian Time zone Preferred First


  • gindfgindf Posts: 87

    How are you?
    Still looking for a new alliance?

    We are the Milano TMLNO, a chill international alliance doing map543 and 1bg war (optional).

    Our summoners are in Asia, Australia, Europe and America!

    We have growing accounts and vets sharing wisdom

    If you're interested, find me on Line: gindf. (with the dot) or in game: gindf (without).

    Check us out!
  • MaDChildMaDChild Posts: 5
    Thanks to interested on us but we looking 250M+ aq alliance
  • Ken1378Ken1378 Posts: 188
    Hi there, we run mostly Map 6 AQ, but we have one BG that’s doing Map 5, still. We’d be willing to take you guys on if you feel like you can move towards Map 6 over the next couple months. We are mostly US timezone based, but we do have a couple in Australia and India. We seem to make it work okay. Let me know if you’re interested. You can find me on Line or in-game: Ken13781378
  • Fordx4broncFordx4bronc Posts: 97
    Send me a message on line @ford2.00. We may be a good fit
  • Ezra_PoundEzra_Pound Posts: 107
    Message Line ID : ezrapound666. We have a company car.
  • SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 187
    We do map 6 on BG1 and map 5 in BG2 and 3. Score 300M in AQ.
    Hit me up we have 3 spots.
    Superman.ca for line.
    Superman-ca ingame.
  • DL864DL864 Posts: 800 ★★★
    Map 5 ally bg1 in your time zone could use 3 hmu if interested line Id dl864
  • Hi there, are you still looking for an ally? We have players from AUS/ NZ/ Asia/ US/ Europe/ India. We're a Gold 2 alliance and we do 66555 or 5x5, our ally prestige is 9,972. You can look 'Deontay Boyega' up in game and message me there if you're interested, thanks.
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